Jim Gordon

The driving beat of the band. MIT grad. Singer of low and high notes only
Married, kids, laughs, keeps Marc humble.

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Marc Hamel

Guitarist extraordinaire - IQ of an MIT grad - usually right - sometimes called the 'weakest link' - usually by Jim.
Friend to all, master of licks. Has two helping hands, likes Jim anyway.

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Tom Koelker

Yet another guitar player, usually says no. Knows who the weakest link really is.
The Old Man.
Has more kids than hair, has more grandkids than hair.

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John Lafleur

Plays and sings simultaneously, the voice of the band, host of the weekly honing parties.
Married, kids in college, has more grays than TK, smiles all the time anyway.

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Chuck Umanita

Plays bass, shaves head.
Long time friend of Jim.

Chuck succeeds Tom on bass. Boston College grad. Wonders when MIT last won the NCAA Hockey championship.

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